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An academic makerspace for innovation and entrepreneurship

Website prototype

What you can do in the ADF

Guided by our students, we help potential startups or companies lower the risk of turning innovative ideas into valuable, marketable solutions by using our access to academic research capabilities and our expertise in product development.

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    Information & Expertise

  • Find the right information, people, insights or feedback for your project or innovation challenge.
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    Guidance & Facilities

  • Receive guidance for innovative projects and make use of our and Antwerp's ecosystem of services and facilities.
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    Community & Ideas

  • Join or create events, workshops and interdisciplinary lessons to share ideas and knowledge.

How it works

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Step 1 - Find inspiration, information through projects and organisations. Share ideas and formulate your own in our community.

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Step 2 - Submit your idea or opportunity.

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Step 3 - Let's validate this opportunity together.

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Step 4 - Find investors and a team.

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Step 5 - Develop a product and business with guidance and the necessary facilities.

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Step 6 - Use Antwerp's ecosystem to deploy the business.

Projects and Research

Get inspired by innovative research and projects in and around Antwerp. Or submit your own project proposal.

Projects in the ADF

Innovative research in Antwerp
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Research in materials, production methods and use.


Come take part in events, Workshops and Interdisciplinary lessons. Or even set up your own.

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Design For Demonstrators

Jouke Verlinden - Doctoral Grant

Social platforms

You're always welcome to share some ideas with our community.

Facebook group



Questions, or you're just interested in learning more? Come meet us at:

University of Antwerp

Ambtmanstraat 1, Antwerp, BE

+xx xx xx xx


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